Remote integrated water management solutions that combine monitoring sensors, remote valve operation technologies and cloud computing

Cloud Water Control can offer a range of remote water management systems, designed to suit the application. All systems comprise CwCPODs to house monitoring and control hardware, and a subscription to the CwCPortal for remote monitoring and control capabilities. CwCPODs wirelessly transmit information via GSM modules to the CwCPortal where users can log-in on any web-enabled device to:

  • Control water management systems by remotely operating valves and pumps
  • Monitor real time system performance from remote locations
  • View historical data
  • Receive automated system updates and alarms
  • Download data for reporting

Portal Features

Pump Control

Simple control and monitoring of your pump system through remote capabilities.

Equipment Status

Reduce costs and increase productivity through reduced operator management.


Easy to install, simple to use, adjusted to meet your specific requirements.


Reporting package, providing data to assist in detailed monitoring and to aid in meeting Environment Agency regulations.


Useful diagnostic tool with an on board facility which constantly monitors and plots real time data, such as levels and flow.

SMS / Email Alarm

Alarm system, alerting you to potential faults, safeguarding pumps and downtime.

Portal Screenshots

Portal Applications